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Burst Pipe Repair Services

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A burst pipe is a plumbing emergency that can quickly escalate, flooding your home with water. These issues aren’t just the dramatic scenarios you see in movies – sometimes they can silently lead to higher water bills and reduced pressure.

When you have a ruptured line, you need reliable, professional help to get it under control and restore your water flow. That’s where we come in. As expert plumbers serving the Greater Seattle and Eastside areas, we offer fast, efficient burst pipe repair services to minimize the water damage and get your home or business back to normal.

Don’t let a broken water or sewer line cause chaos. Contact us today, and let our professionalism and expertise put your mind at ease.

Burst Pipes Prevention

Burst pipes are a common problem, especially in areas with harsh winter weather. When temperatures drop, the water inside the plumbing lines can freeze, causing them to leak or rupture. This not only leads to water damage in your home, but it can also be incredibly costly to repair.

Burst pipes can be costly. Not only do you have to pay for the cost of repairing the burst pipe, but you also need to address the water damage in your home. That’s why it’s so important to take proactive steps to prevent broken lines in the first place.

Here are some helpful tips:

Insulate pipes: Protect those that are exposed to the cold, like those in the attic or running through exterior walls. This helps protect them from freezing temperatures.
Let outdoor taps drip: Allow outdoor water taps to drip slightly during the cold months to keep water moving and prevent freezing.
Drain outdoor hoses: Store hoses inside before winter starts to prevent them from freezing.
Maintain thermostat settings: Keep a consistent thermostat temperature day and night to avoid dramatic temperature fluctuations.
Keep water heater on: Consider leaving your water heater on, even if you'll be away from home for a period of time.
Open cabinet and bathroom doors: Allow warm air to circulate around pipes by opening cabinet and bathroom doors.

Taking these proactive measures can help prevent the headaches and high costs associated with spit water lines. However, if a pipe ruptures in your home or business, don’t wait – contact the experts at Ben’s Plumbing right away for fast, professional burst pipe repair services.

Causes of Burst Pipes

Ruptured pipes can be a real headache, leading to water damage, costly repairs, and potential emergencies. Understanding the common causes behind these plumbing issues is the first step in saving on the cost of emergency burst pipe repair for your home or business.

Low Temperature

Frozen water lines are a leading cause of cracked pipes. The water inside freezes, expands, and puts pressure on the pipe until it bursts. Ben’s Plumbing offers reliable frozen pipe burst repair services to quickly address this issue.

Leak detector, icon Ben's Plumbing
Old Age and Corrosion

Over time, the materials used to construct water lines – like iron or copper – can degrade and corrode, weakening the walls and making them prone to collapse.

Poor Installation

Improper water system installation can leave lines vulnerable to damage and ruptures.

Clogged Pipes

Severe clogs in the pipes can also build up pressure and lead to leaks or cracks. And in some cases, a sudden impact or physical trauma can simply cause it to crack or split.

No matter the cause, there’s only one solution for a burst pipe: call Ben’s Plumbing’s expert plumbers for burst pipe emergency repair. We are ready to handle any emergency burst pipe repair to keep your home safe and dry.

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What Should I Do In Case of a Rupture

When you’re faced with a fractured water line in your home or business, the first crucial step is to shut off the main water supply. This will stop the water from continuing to flow and cause further damage.

Once the water is turned off, it’s time to call in the experts. At Ben’s Plumbing, we have the skills and resources to provide prompt, efficient pipe burst fix.

If the damage is relatively minor, our plumber may be able to simply repair the ruptured area. However, in more severe cases, a replacement may be necessary. Before any work begins, our team will thoroughly evaluate the extent of the issue and provide you with an upfront pipe burst repair cost estimate.

We understand cracked lines can be stressful and disruptive, so we’ll work quickly and diligently to get your water flowing again with minimal disruption. Our goal is to get your property back to normal as soon as possible, all while ensuring the repairs are done right the first time.

How Much to Repair a Burst Water Pipe?

How Much to Repair a Burst Water Pipe?

The cost of burst pipe repair can vary depending on factors like materials, labor, the complexity of the job, and the day and time of service. At Ben’s Plumbing, we always provide upfront, transparent pricing estimates so you know what to expect before any work begins.

No matter what type of burst pipe issue you’re dealing with – including copper lines – the plumbing experts at Ben’s are here to help. Contact us for fast, professional repairs you can count on.

Services in Seattle

Ruptured pipes are a common plumbing issue for homes and businesses in the Seattle area. Whether it’s from a cold snap freezing uninsulated lines or old, worn-out pipes finally giving out, these emergencies can strike at any time.

When you’re facing a broken plumbing system, you don’t want to waste time searching for “burst pipe repair near me” – you need a reliable, experienced team to respond quickly. That’s where Ben’s Plumbing comes in.

For over 25 years, we’ve been the trusted choice for burst pipe repair services in Seattle and the surrounding communities. Our seasoned technicians have the skills and equipment to quickly locate the source of the problem, stop the water flow, and make the necessary repairs. Whether it’s a minor fix or a full replacement, we’ll provide upfront pricing and get your property back to normal as fast as possible.

Don’t let a broken water system disrupt your life or business. Contact the repair specialists at Ben’s Plumbing, and we’ll be there to help in your time of need. With our prompt, professional service, you can have peace of mind knowing your plumbing issue is in good hands.


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Ben’s Plumbing is a leading personalized plumbing company that has been serving Seattle residents and businesses for over 25 years. We only hire highly skilled, insured, licensed plumbers and technicians to work on your home or business’s plumbing system.

With Ben’s Plumbing, you can always expect upfront, transparent pricing and a dedication to your complete satisfaction. We’re not just here to fix the immediate problem – our goal is to build lifelong relationships with our customers by providing reliable, trustworthy service you can count on.

Don’t let a burst pipe wreak havoc on your property. Choose the plumbing experts at Ben’s Plumbing and experience the difference our 25+ years of experience can make.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How long does it take to repair a burst pipe?

The time it takes to repair a burst pipe can vary, but it’s typically a few hours. The actual duration depends on factors like the location, the severity of the issue, and the extent of the repairs required.

How to locate a burst pipe in a wall?

If you suspect a burst pipe hidden within a wall, look for telltale signs like mold, mildew, musty odors, or visible wet spots. The experienced plumbers at Ben’s Plumbing also use specialized equipment like infrared cameras to accurately detect the source of the leak.

How to repair a burst copper pipe?

Repairing a burst copper pipe requires the expertise of a professional plumber. The team at Ben’s Plumbing has the necessary skills and tools to properly fix a burst copper pipe and restore water flow to your home or business.


Customer reviews

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Bert C.
Bert C.
Ben's responded quickly to a small leak that had developed. They quoted us a rate to find the leak (which they promptly did with a minimum of opening ceiling/wall space). They then quoted us a rate to repair the leak, and then proceeded to do a fine job. Highly recommend.
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Steve Fuller
Steve Fuller
Fast, courteous, and professional. They were able to provide same day service for an urgent matter. I highly recommend.
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Bridget D.
Bridget D.
The plumbing at our rental house backed up and caused a flood. We hired a local roto-rooter company to come out and clear the line - lots of money but at least they were fast. Two weeks later, our tenants called - basement flooded again and they weren't happy. It was a Saturday and I was out of town. Based on these reviews, I called Ben's Plumbing. Ben called me back within 15 mins. He explained that the costs on the weekend were much higher - but he could stop by the house and see if he could make a temporary fix to hold until Monday. And he did! Then Monday his plumber snaked our line, put a camera down, and found the original roto-rooter guys only cleared the line to a point - creating a jam just beyond that point. From start to finish, Ben kept me informed, the costs were very reasonable, and the work was professional. Plus, he's a really nice guy. Ben's the guy to call!
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Nicholas O'Connell
Nicholas O'Connell
Fast, friendly, highly effective service!
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Rey P.
Rey P.
Have used this service a number of times. This weekend my water heater started leaking and since it was almost 18 years old, clearly needed replacing. Did not have time for multiple estimates but I got two estimates. Ben's crew came out on a Sunday morning early and finished in a timely fashion. They even came in under their original estimate. The other estimate was several hundred dollars more and would have Ben several days later. I am very happy with the service and the water heater heats up faster than my old one.
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Jean-Masse Buchanan
Jean-Masse Buchanan
"Excellent experience! I had a backed up line, and Nick came out and did a thorough job. He explained the situation in laymen's terminology, showed me the issues via video, and solved the problem. I would definitely recommend him to others"
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